Alan Grahame


ALAN GRAHAME began his professional career with the Ralph Sharon sextet as a

modern jazz vibraphonist at the time when the sextet was voted Britain’s number one

small group.

Then, after becoming involved in freelance radio and recording sessions, he

became a featured member of the Jerry Allen Trio, playing all the major theatres with

concerts and radio and TV shows.

He spent eight years with the trio on ATV’s midday show ‘Lunch Box’, also

providing the incidental music for numerous TV series including “Dotto”, “$64,000

Question”, The Carrol Levis Show, “Face the Mike”, Roy Castle’s Room”, “The

*'Benny Hill Show”, The Two Ronnies, Morecambe & Wise, Crackerjack and the Top

of the Pops TV orchestra.

Since the TV contract for the Jerry Allen Trio ended and the group disbanded he has

been freelance and working for major recording companies, the BBC and ITV, and

has played on many commercial jingle sessions.

Regularly featured with the BBC Radio Orchestra and in their ‘Festival Hall’ Concerts,

and with the orchestras of Neil Richardson, Alec Gould, David Francis, Ron

Goodwin, Ian Butherland, Cy Payne, Andy Ross, Ray McVay, etc.

He was also still extensively involved with BBCtv’s “Playschool” “Hokey Cokey”

and “Playdays”.

He has also worked on concert dates in this country and Europe with many popular

singers - Tom Jones, Englebert, Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee and also

Howard Keel for six of his nationwide tours. Previously, he worked as Shirley

Bassey’s percussionist on tours throughout Europe.

His film work includes Star Wars — Return of the Jedi, Life of Brian, Morons from

Outer Space, Elephant Man, Virgin Soldiers and many more. TV drama King John,

The Vorpal Blade, One by One, Bluebell and The Ritz, for which his son Peter had

composed the score.

Now involved in teaching young musicians the many skills required in the percussion

section and Directing ‘Big Band’ workshops and concerts with guest appearances as

a soloist. Also a member of the newly formed ‘Gillespiana’ Big Band directed by

Pete Long playing the original Dizzy Gillespie band arrangements.

Now involved in a series of concerts and jazz club dates with the ‘Pete Long’s

Goodmen Orchestra’ re-creating the famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert featuring the

Bennv Goodman/Lionel Hampton Quartet.

May 2016